Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday (with a freebie)

Hey, it's Thursday again and the timing of Cara's linky worked out perfectly. I know most of us are not glued to our computers, phones, or tablets today so doing a throwback to a previous post is PERFECT. I'm about to head out to my nephew's 4th birthday party! (wow!)

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This post is originally from August 2012. I didn't have very many followers but thanks to Pinterest this freebie has almost 5000 downloads. (Crazy!) (okay...done with all the exclamation points)

I <3 freebies. I created this little game this week when I noticed several of my firsties were having a difficult time with one more and one less. This is an individual math game and can be used during instruction or math centers. Each student needs one die. They'll roll the die and record the number in the middle column. In the left column they'll write the number that is one less and in the right column they'll write the number that is one more. I also put a number line on the page to help those visual counters. Enjoy, I'm off to download some loot, haha.

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3 Replies:

Jennifer White said...

Awesome freebie!
First Grade Blue SKies

Sandy Welch said...

Love this! Thank you for the freebie!

First Grade Carousel said...

I love the one more, one less sheet. Thanks!
First Grade Carousel

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