Saturday, August 17, 2013

Digital Shopping Day is Upon Us!

I'm so excited for the BTS sale. I already have a wish list a mile long! School started last Tuesday for me but there are so many things I would like to use in my classroom.

Of course I'll be particiipating in sale. I just wanted to share some of my BTS items, best sellers, and top wish listed items.

Best Sellers
Math Journals based on Singapore Math (Math in Focus)
Set 1 & Set 2 are my best sellers but I often get emails saying that I've sold all 3 sets. Presumably to one buyer. I have 4 sets in a bundle for the price of 3.
bundle (already a deal before the big BTS sale)
Classroom Management Bundle w/ lots of clip chart choices
click here
It has more than clip chart ideas. I've updated it several times since I first posted it. 

and my next best seller is my BTS Nonsense Word Fluency Pack

click here
BTS faves
Beginning to End of Year Comparison
click here
Track kiddo handwriting and drawing from August to May

This was originally for the end of the year but I think it'd be fun to recap summer memories
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Most Wish listed
My Singapore based math journals (above) are actually my top wish listed items. (I'm still so in awe that people wish list anything of mine, it's crazy!)

My next most wish listed item after my math journals would by my new chevron labels (which I adore and was so excited to use in my classroom)

click here

Then on the list would be my Number Puzzles. I actually just printed these for math centers this week and I'll be laminating them this weekend. :D
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I'm so excited to do some digital couch shopping tomorrow!!!

Click here to check out my store on TpT

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