Friday, August 16, 2013

Five For Friday: Back to School (freebie)

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Hello blog land. I am tucker out! It was our first week of school!

1.  Back to School
On Monday we had a teacher work day and meetings. I had to do the rest of my setting up, tidying, and tucking away junk I didn't want anyone to see. ;) Then Monday night was meet the teacher night. One hour of first impressions, pleasantries, small talk, and hoping kids didn't run amuck in my classroom because they're parents were there.

This year I have 19 kiddos. More than last year, fewer than years before. So, I can deal. However I had like 6 families not even come to Meet the Teacher night! (last year I had 100% attendance) I think this is a read flag.

I put all of my BTS info in a big ziploc bag for the parents to take home. I also put the Pop Rocks in there.
original idea here 
I had to search for Pop Rocks at a few different places. I found them in packs of 3 at the second Dollar Tree I went to.  I made labels with the free graphic. They're designed to be printed on Avery 8160 labels. Get the labels here #Freebie

I made a half-sheet booklet of FAQ questions for my parents this year. I tried to think of all of the common questions I get from parents throughout the year and I typed them up in this booklet.

2. Volume!
My class is soooooo loud! I feel like I need a reverse hearing aid. I need something to put in my ear and I can turn down the volume. I really feel as if some of the kids think I'm really old and they have to yell for my sake. They don't! My class goes from quiet as a pin drop to outside voices. There is NO in between. (yet) My 19 kiddos are behavior work in progress. I have to remind myself last year was a heavenly group of students and it's only the beginning of the year. I've also had to be stern Miss Cosby earlier in the year.
I've been thinking about these things:
spell or unspell noise source

Some kind of noise app/site source

3. Breakfast
I love breakfast and I really feel it if I don't eat it. I'm trying to make better choices (lower sugars, carbs, and cholesterol). That being said I want it to taste good--and I don't wake up early enough to cook. I also love sleeping. I've been drinking these instant breakfasts. What do you do?

4.  Blog Hoppin' Linky
I posted somethings I do to help myself keep organized in the classroom but I forgot to take some pics. Here are a few:

The tall wooden drawers on the left were an awesome find from my parents. They found it at an auction. It's made from scrapbookers--which I'm not. But, my mom figured I could use it in my room. It has been soooo handy. I posted about using the big 3-drawer carts. Well I also like the little ones. You can see that the middle drawer houses a lot of my Sharpie addiction. And the trays are where I put my daily work.

5. About time!
I posted this on Instagram but I was so excited when I went to TpT and saw this! I've been waiting and hoping for it. My wish list is getting long!

I saw this at Doodle Bugs after I submitted my link. Way cute & includes dates!

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Erin T said...

I'm a liquid breakfast girl too!! I would rather have 5 more minutes in bed than head to the kitchen and cook/make something in the morning!!

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Tanya Dwyer said...

I'm naughty...I usually skip breakfast. When I do slow down for two minutes to eat it...its usually a cup of yogurt with granola sprinkles...=)

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