Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday (glad it's back!)

I'm really glad that this linky is back. It's the perfect linky for when I don't always have time to post during the week. I return to school on Monday. Monday will be a day of meetings, finishing touches on my classroom, and then Meet the Teacher from 5-6. It's gonna be a long day. Then on Tuesday I get to meet my firsties. Right now I have 19 but we all know that that number is not set in stone while it's still August.

Without much further ado here's a peek of 5 things from my week.

1. Teacher Blogger Exchange!
I signed up for this teacher blogger exchange thing I saw on Instagram from fellow blogger (and Instagram friend) Covered in Glitter and Glue . It was like B2S Secret Santa. I was paired up with a fellow first grade teacher from Florida. (Shhh, I was a little late sending my package but I had to find just one or two more *just right* items for her.)

I got my package this week.
Isn't that mini-corkboard darling! I also want to put the pink Scotch tape on every single thing I own. It's also hard to see but in the bottom right picture there are some really neat pens and they write lovely...and with pink and purple ink!

2. Working in my room
Like I said...back to work next week. I used to working during the summer and didn't have a lot of free time. These last two years I've decided not to take my summer retail job. Last summer was filled with pool time, road trips, and vacays. (LOVELY) This summer has been hum drum. I've enjoyed the time off, don't get me wrong. Also I hate alarm clocks. I will be happy to be in a routine again though. I've had a lot on my mind and keeping busy has helped.

I went in my room twice this week and got some stuff done (I may have "sneak" in Sunday and do more)
I love these book boxes. My labels fit perfectly, too!! 
I need to make it pretty but these are fake groups for  center time. 
Probably goes without saying but I love You can find nearly everything on there. I ordered some stuff and got another package this week!!
clockwise: armband for my iphone, gum ball machine, Miss Malarkey books, magnetic staple remover & usb extension cord

I love seeing that smiley Amazon box in my doorway. :)

4. Made some things for my class. 
birthday silly straws with my freebie labels

googly eye pointers for reading

giant clothespins with magnets glued to the back (took much stronger magnets than anticipated!)

5. Teacher Problems
I may have a Scentos problem. The bucket has markers and and highlighters. The little container has Scentos dry erase markers. 

Dice. I also love dice. Letter dice, number dice, fun dice, polyhedra dice. Love them all.

I also have a ton of Sharpies but I forgot to take a picture. What are you hooked on?

Interested in any of my labels? Check them out here.

Okay, I'm off to Staples to get some book binding done! I'm going to try to enjoy my last weekend of summer. 

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Mrs Cupcake said...

I have those book boxes from RGS... they are so bright and gorgeous!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

First Grade Buddies said...

You've been working hard, everything looks GREAT!!!
Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

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