Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just a Few Hours Left

I finished my Lucia's Neighborhood packet for the Journeys reading series.

I really like customizing my word work for my class. I can choose what we need help with. I also get to specifically target our grammar skill (adjectives this week) and other skills such as alphabetical order.
This was created to accompany the Journeys reading series. This is from Unit 1, story 4 Lucia's Neighborhood

Included in this packet:

spelling practice pages
mats to laminate for clay
identifying spelling words
identifying high frequency words
word family pages
alphabetical order practice
word search
spelling pretest template
practice spelling test template
spelling test template
2 vocabulary test templates
1 partner game (spin, read, and cover) 

A few more hours to enter! I've been wanting a pink one so badly!!!
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Jennifer Tice said...

I'm putting your newest packet on my wish list. Come on payday! Get here faster!

Rowdy in First Grade

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