Saturday, September 21, 2013

Winner & Catch Up

Congratulations! The giveaway for the pencil sharpener has ended. I have emailed the winner. :)

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I've been super busy with school these last few weeks. I have a nice bunch of firsties who LOVE to talk. They not only love to talk but some of them do not listen--despite passing their hearing test.

We have also adopted a new reading series this year. I think I'm getting into the routine of it though...I think. I've been making packets for it weekly and I'll finish up my packet for this week's story "Gus Takes the Train" this weekend.

I was looking at my math lesson over addition the other day and wanted to try something new. I was at school so I didn't have all the fancy clipart/fonts I normally have access to and we were out of lamination film. I made these mats super quick in Publisher, printed them, and slid them into sheet protectors. Voila. I'll do this again to practice addition and counting on concepts but I'll laminate the mats. :D

This new reading series not only starts spelling the first week (after K review) it also hits grammar really hard from the beginning. We did nouns, verbs, possessive nouns, and adjectives. Here is the poster I used last year.
I teach " 's " as being greedy and so in the apostrophe s I write "mine mine mine mine". Then we write about things we own. "Miss Cosby's dog" we illustrate it and hung them on the poster.
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4 in a Row with CVC words (get a freebie pack here & more were created in my Journeys sets)
As I mentioned sometimes my firsties have a hard time listening and some of them have an even harder time keeping their desks clean. URGH!!!

I scoured Pinterest and TpT and found a very cute version of The Desk Fairy (freebie too!!)

I added a sucker & sprayed them with craft glitter from Michael's
I also got some Desk Police cards on TpT, too!

click here to get them for free on TpT from The CraZy SchoolTeacher

Are you an Apple fan? Have you upgraded to ios7? I upgraded my phone the other day and I like the improvements. I changed the Siri voice to male. I've always played around when I "talked" to Siri but here are some funny things that happened:

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