Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October baby!

I love these Currently linkys. I wanted to link up yesterday but I was so dang tired. :/

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Listening--> We take a mid-morning snack break but the grass is very wet so we're doing it indoors. I hear kids digging through Legos, Connect 4 pieces falling to desks when the lever is released, talking in general, and kids making up rules to games. (I'm fighting the temptation to tell them how it really should be played.)

Loving-->October is my birthday month so I'm partial to it. I also like the beginning of fall. (Not the cold windy part but right now where I can still wear some capris. I also love the seasonal decorations and that we're finally into a routine and stuff with my firsties. Oh, and we even had a 2hr (fog) delay on the 1st.

Thinking-->I have  a lot of personal life type stuff happening now. I try to remember that this is only a moment in time and things will be different and that I have to get through it. Sometimes I'm just bogged down by it. (Hence my blogging absences)

Wanting--> We have reading DIBELS, TRCs, and math DIBELS. I'm so flippin' close to beigndone but it's taking FOREVER. Urgh.

Needing-->So, I've drastically cut back on my carb intake but I really just want to make a batch of gooey brownies, smother them in icing, and down them with a glass of milk. It won't happen but it definitely ran through my mind today.

Trick or Treat-->Treat! Below is freebie from last Halloween!

click here to download

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Melissa said...

Ummm, that freebie is PRECIOUS and I really need a gooey brownie now! I agree that this time of the year is perfect because it's still warm enough, but everything's starting to get in order at school and the weather is so nice. Happy birth month!

Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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~Stephanie said...

Happy birthday in October! What a cute little freebie you have there. I bet the kids LOVE it!

Teaching in Room 6

Ashley Sanderson said...

I totally have that freebie from last year! LOVE it! I totally understand the personal life stuff going on! Chin up! It'll get better soon!

Flying High in First Grade

A Sunny Day in First Grade said...

I'd like a gooey brownie right now too! Stay positive!! Things will get better! Love, love, love the freebie!!

A Sunny Day in First Grade

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