Thursday, September 26, 2013

October '12--Throwback Thursday

It's almost October!

Fall isn't necessarily my favorite season--my favorite season is birthday season! lol. My birthday is in the beginning of October and it's right around the corner. After realizing how soon October is approaching I decided I needed to make sure I had my centers ready to go.

I made these last year (one of my first seasonal packets). I made it on my molasses computer old Dell & I do not have the same program on my new computer so it's pretty much cemented as final, lol. The kiddos enjoyed it last year and I need to reprint some lost pieces but other than that I'm on top of it! (And bless those parent volunteers that said they'd cut out alllll of my laminated stuff at home--hallelujah!)

So I'm kinda lazy and this is kind of a #ThrowbackThursday

I added these things to the centers after I made the preview so they are not pictured above but are included:
Fact Families--Hang the bats from the trees. (There are other trees and other bats)
I also added some number word practice. My kiddos are really good at most of their number words but could work on the teens.

If you're interested check 'em out here

We're starting subtraction this week so this freebie will be perfect.

click to download

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