Monday, October 21, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conferences Linky

I am finishing up my fall break today. I only get two days for break (which is better than nothing!). It was split this year so I had a Friday and Monday off. It's weird but lovely. 

Before we had break we had Parent-Teacher conferences. Some regard those as dirty words. I did have 2 no-shows but one has rescheduled. Nothing like getting stood up, huh?

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Anywho. I wanted conferences to go smoothly. I wanted to stick to my 15 minute time allotment. (I totally ran over, btw) and I wanted to keep organized.

Here are some of my great finds:

from The Primary Chalkboard, and here' the google doc. link

From What the Teacher Wants (and other conference freebies)


Well, those are a few of my finds.

I'd like you to link up with tips, tricks, ideas, stories, products (free or paid) that helped you get through conferences successfully.

So please add your link below so we can have a collection of great ideas. I've already completed my official conferences but I'll meet with more parents throughout the year and would love to have this as a resource for next fall. 

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Alisha Colon said...

Cool idea! I just finished a freebie parent-teacher conference form....perfect for this linky! I'm linked up!

First Grade Follies

Charlene Sequeira said...

I have posted a link to my student-led conferences package that I have used for many years. It has many different ideas and forms included in it. The preview has a sample of the visual form that I use.

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