Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Listening-->A few years ago my brother told me I'd like the show Heroes. I didn't watch it then but recently saw it on Netflix & thought I'd give it a go. I'm hooked! I'm currently on the last season and I'm hoping it doesn't abruptly end because of cancellation.

Loving--> I worked really hard on math and reading centers and now I can kinda take it easy. I'm working on a little phonics thing but I'm so happy to have them already printed, laminated, and kid-tested.

Thinking-->D'oh. I did a copy & paste and forgot to change the words. I'm thinking I am happy I went on a walk to day. Nippy but I'm glad I did it.

Wanting--> So on my birthday (10/5) I got a manicure. I splurged a little and got a gel manicure. It is still on my nails 4weeks later. It's not perfect but if I wanted to I could stretch it out a bit longer. But the tips are showing a bit of wear and you can see where my nails have grown out now.

Needing--> So I guess a manicure isn't a *need*... I'd settle for a sticker happy person that loves to grade papers.

A yummy pin!--> I have a whole board dedicated to sweets and a other board dedicated to savory. Well tis the season for leftovers (I'm so not a fan of leftovers) so I found pin that might make them more bearable:
Bacon Cheddar Patty Cakes (made with leftover mashed potatoes)


Here is a link to my more savory pins:
Here is a link to my sweet pins:

Thank goodness I made these last year. I've been so busy with my Journeys packets, new reading series, and chatty class that I haven't really had time to develop a new seasonal unit. This is probably the first unit I made using .ppt and is one that I am most proud of. Looking back at my old units I've come a long way!!!

In this packet you'll get writing prompts, graphic organizers, and reading/phonics center activities.

  • nonsense word game (multi-player)
  • nonsense/real word sorting
  • ABC order (with worksheet)
  • Sorting naming words and action words (with worksheet)
  • Contractions (with worksheet)
  • 4 graphic organizers
  • 3 different writing prompts (each with three leveled writing papers) 
  • images of sample anchor charts with words to use for Pilgrim Venn Diagram

Yes, the secret ingredient is LOVE. lol

A freebie!!!

This is included in the packet but I wanted to share it with everyone (in the file I've typed up the words that go on the anchor charts)
the words to do this in your classroom are included when you download the preview

Click here to check it out in my TpT store! (feedback appreciated & feel free to pin)

I also had some math goodies!

click here

Here is what you'll get:

I'm also bundling this with my Reading/Writing November activities so if you get the bundle you'll save money.

Click here for the bundle

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4321Teach said...

Your pin looks really yummy. Who doesn't love bacon and cheddar. lol
I would love a manicure and pedicure as well. I know our toes are covered more now but I love when they look cute. :)
Good luck with the grading!

Miss Trayers said...

I liked Heroes-I don't think I watched the last season though. That turkey recipe is so cute! I love to read kids' interpretations of recipes! :)


Mrs. McClain said...

Hi there, visiting from Currently! Thank so much for sharing the freebie :-)

Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

The Science School Yard said...

Love Oh' Boy for helping me find great blogs with great ideas. Can't wait to check out some of your posts.


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