Sunday, February 2, 2014

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I can't believe I dropped the ball on Five for Friday!!! We celebrated our 100th Day and I took soooo many pics. I'll post them later in the week. I did put on IG that I'd share the link to my labels for the 100th day so here that is:

click here

Listening--> I've been watching quite a bit of Netflix lately so my DVR was getting backed up. I'm watching the finale of Top Chef right now. Ewh, spam! Yeah, I know the Superbowl is on....and I'm even from Indiana...but I just can't get into it. (oh, I guess it's not the finale-finale...just a big elimination)

Loving--> Okay, so last month I posted about my surgery. Well a few weeks ago I entered into a new stage of foods where I can have solid foods that are not pureed. I missed chewing people. You just don't understand. Today I had part of a turkey burger (leftover from yesterday's lunch w/ a friend and I still have some left!) and a turkey smoked sausage link. Not sure what's for dinner.

Thinking-->So almost since I've woken up I've had a chip on my shoulder. I'm not 100% why either. I was even talking on the phone and my friend pointed out I sounded a bit upset. I totally didn't mean to but I've been like this pretty much all day. Is that weird? Do you have fussy days? Luckily I'm not at work but I don't like being cranky all day. I thought working out would help and it kinda did but now I'm back to hovering on cranky. Maybe an early bedtime will help.

Wanting-->Okay so on January's Currently I also complained about the weather. I missed like a week of school for that snowsaster. This week I keep hearing mixed things about inches of snow or ice in my area. I try not to pay attention until it gets closer but I haven't had a full week of school since we returned (late) from winter break.  #IndianaProblems
Needing-->I need to get my butt in gear.
1. Laundry is mostly done but definitely not put away.
2. I need to work out more and actually push myself not just stay in my comfort zone
3. Make lesson plans
4. Type up new Journey's packet
5. Do dishes
So it's almost 7pm on a Sunday night so I'm not sure what all I'll get done but I need to get on it. I did accomplish some things today and I feel good about that.

2 Truths and a Fib:
1. I have never seen It's a Wonderful Life TRUE
2. I once won a bubble blowing contest TRUE (I was in 5th grade and still love to blow big bubbles!)
3. I am surprisingly good at skating INCREDIBLY FALSE
I did totally have fun on the carpeted part of the skating rink as a child though.

I love doing the monthly Currently hosted by Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. If you want to read more or link up check her out!

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Miss King said...

You have to watch It's a Wonderful Life! I love that movie! I have a ton left to do tonight, too!
Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

Deanna Sessoms said...

We had two snow days here in Atlanta this past week, which is pretty rare! It was so awesome to get snow, but I am sure if I lived up north I wouldn't love it so much!

A Primary Owl

Rissa Webber said...

I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life either! I have a whole list of movies that my hubby can't believe I've never seen! Maybe we should start tackling those on snow days!

Keep Calm and Hoot On

Mrs. Solis said...

That is quite a big bubble and awesome that you won a bubble gum contest. I think I'll try doing that for fun with my kids. Thank you for sharing the 100 day smarter tag! Have a great day!:)

Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

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