Sunday, January 19, 2014

Computer Cleaning (**freebies found**)

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm getting back into the swing of school. I had a nice first week back with my firsties. I really missed them. I don't know about you guys but nearly half of them lost teeth over our break!!!

I'll say it's nice to do a full week back (after 2 week off then nearly a week off due to weather) and then get a 3-day weekend. Ahhh.

I was looking for a file on my computer this morning to email myself and I found it! Unlike my real life I try to keep my computer pretty organized so it was just a matter of remembering where I put it. I mean, don't you love putting something somewhere safe or in a specific place *just* so you can remember and then you forget where it is. Oh well.

I also found some goodies (or at least goodies to me) that I'm not sure if I shared or not. They are dropbox files. You do not need dropbox to save/open/download them but it's handy to have. I use it on my laptop, online, on my iPad, and my phone.

You can earn more space by referring friends and if they create an account and install it you get storage. (this is a shameless plug because I need more space, haha)

Here's my referral link:

Here are the files I found:

Use these half-sheet sized cards to practice making numbers with ten. Laminate to use a dry erase marker or use a manipulative such as buttons, beans, or cereal.
click here
After posting this I noticed that all of those cards have a sum of 10....I have edited that so when you download your freebie it will be correct. Sorry!

This is an editable parent letter. I do a middle of year assessment called DIBELs and I like to meet with some of the parents after administering this test. This is in Microsoft Word and is fully editable.
click here

I also found this to go along with assessments (non-editable)

Each year along with the DIEBLs I give a test called the TRC where students read passages and their rate and comprehension are evaluated. I made this to do a quick recording of where each student is throughout the year. You can check-mark where they are or color the box (our scores come out as a letter and that letter is color-coded red, yellow, or green)
click here

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jenbrett said...

I love your note you send home with the new DIBELS scores. I am curious about the TRC - does it align with the Fountas/Pinnell - guided reading levels ? Our district moved up our spring conferences to the middle of February so we will be meeting with them anyways... But I would still love to have an opportunity to get more data and information for our groups! If you get a chance can you email me the info on your TRC? Thanks! Jen

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