Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finally May

Ah. May is among us my friends. We're out of school at the end of the month and that might be just in time. We've got some spring-itis going on. I wish the weather would catch on though.

I posted about this the other day and I sent it home with my kiddos today. I really hope the parents take a good look at it. I even printed it on bright bold paper to catch their eyes, lol. (Still open to suggestions)

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Okay, now time for my favorite linky

Listening-->Mad Men
The new season started a few weeks ago and I've been busy and just DVRing them. Tonight I'm catching up. I missed this show.

Loving-->End of year countdown! May is soooo soooo busy. I have assessments, programs, field trip, life, etc (not that you all don't lol) but I feel so bogged down. I need sunshine and a break.

Thinking-->Despite my calendar switching to May the weather hasn't caught up. We've had some lovely days here in Indiana...just not this week. Brrr. This wind better come back in July as a nice breeze.

Wanting-->I wanna ride my bike!! C'mon sunshine.
Needing-->I need to play some music and have some movie magic happen. You know like a little cleaning montage where I jam out and in 4 minutes my home is clean and lemony fresh. That'd be nice.

Surprise!--> I found Mr. First Grade through instagram. His morning work packets got me through our awful winter when I was too busy, lazy, side-tracked, etc. to get my creative juices flowing. Check out his Morning Work ideas and his blog

Also, I wanna do this on Instagram!
I kinda sorta just saw it today so I missed #1 already but I will try my darndest to get as many days as I can. Are  you on IG? Follow me @YouMightBeAFirstGrader (I know....I know....could I have had a longer name, lol)

Link up with Farley to join in on the Currently fun!

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Primary Possibilities said...

I'm in Indiana also, and want to know where the warm weather is!! I had to turn my heat back on today :(

Mrs. Leeby said...

Can't wait to check out that blog and I NEED to get on the Instagram train, right? Do I? :)
Happy Thursday!
Learning With Mrs. Leeby

Theresa Copeland said...

The Mr. and I just discovered Mad Men, and we are obsessed! I too need to go on a cleaning's not pretty. I'm in Atlanta, and our high was in the 60s! Oh.My.Gosh! I was freezing at recess!!! I also just saw the PATD Challenge! I think tomorrow will be my day 1. OH well, better late than never right?

Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

Erin said...

Are you loving Mad Men this season? I'm having a hard time getting into it. :(
Short and Sassy Teacher

KaSandra said...

Girlie, if you figure out how to make the movie montage/cleaning house miracle happen, CALL ME!

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