Thursday, May 15, 2014

Under the Big Top (half off!)

I mentioned this last year but the big "To-Do" in first grade at my school is the First Grade Circus. Each year we take our 35-50 firsties and dress them up, do their hair, add some circus make-up and train then in a circus act. It is a lot of work and takes some very dedicated volunteers to help us achieve a great performance every year. And well...worst case scenario 6 and 7 year olds are just plain cute.

So once May hits it's CIRCUS CIRCUS CIRCUS. We make invitations, do try-out, have practices, choose costumes, make posters. The whole works.

Well last year I created some centers..but I didn't have them all ready in time for the kiddos. :( I would like to show you some previews AND it's HALF OFF until our performance!!

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click here to check it out on TpT and download a preview

basic addition practice 
counting money

hide and seek addition practice

100s chart practice

10s and 1s

number bonds

double digit addition practice

>, <, =

double digit subtraction 


number patterns

3 digit addition

number matching using numbers represented in different forms

basic addition and subtraction w/ a tech twist

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