Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Evening Chuckle

Thursday was my last day with the kiddos (field day got rained out?!!?!) and Friday was a teacher work day.

On Thursday I had time to squeeze in one more writing prompt. Here is a gem from one of my favorite kiddos. I will miss him so so much. Please enjoy :D

(I cannot find the source for this writing prompt, but if I do I'll update or if you know please leave a comment, thx)

3 Replies:

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love the writing!! It seems you are going to have a busy summer! :-) Love this writing prompt too. I will have to remember it for next year.


Erin said...

What a funny little writing prompt! That's a whole lot to fit in a matter of weeks. I'm guessing this student would love for you to host a back to school pool party in your new hot pink pool! Haha!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Renee Dooly said...

That is funny! I love how the minds of kids work. That is definitely a keeper. Enjoy your summer.

Fantastic First Grade Froggies

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