Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Look at me! I'm a Lego

I went into school today for the first times since saying goodbye for break. I tried to give myself all of June without doing school things--and I succeeded. Unless of course you count Pinterest...but I don't.

Well now it's July....well over a week into July and I feel like I've dropped the ball. I went in today and unboxed some things but really I wanted to execute this bulletin board idea I had in my head. :D

Introducing Lego Miss Cosby

I used the ceiling projector and varied images to create her. 
weird panorama

slightly less skewed view

If you'd like to have the letters and a writing freebie head over to my blog to check it out. (Right now the lettering only specifies 1st-5th grades--but you can still use "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME")

writing prompt to accompany bulletin board (also available in b&w)
I plan on completing the above writing prompt and coloring a large lego figure (included in packet) on the first day of school to complete my jazzy awesome bulletin board. 

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Lori M said...

You are awesome!!

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