Monday, July 21, 2014

Classroom Management Facelift

The countdown is on people! Two weeks! Oh my goodness. Where has the summer gone? Usually by now I'm getting a little bored or antsy and even though I'm not looking forward to alarms I'm looking forward to routine, structure, and all that jazz. Yeah, I still have the anticipation of a new class (and some siblings from awesome families I've had the pleasure of working with before!!!--love when that happens) but I've been so stinkin' busy (with fun and just life) that I'm not ready!!

Well, ready or not here it comes.

Something I saw on Pinterest quite a bit and then I read more about what "Behavior Bingo". You can really title it whatever you choose. I used to do a marble jar and after all the marbles were earned (marbles were earned and lost at my discretion, for perfect attendance, hallway compliments, and following directions) The marble jar has been fun. Truthfully I'm a little burnt out on it though. Also it's most effective at the very beginning of the year or when we only need 10 more marbles. When the jar has about 100 left in it it's hard to emphasize the importance of having a quiet restroom break to earn some marbles.

I decided to make my own "Behavior Bingo" board. I uploaded it to VistaPrint and had them print it for me. It was $5 for the basic small poster but I wanted a sturdier paper so it was $7 plus shipping. I laminated it today and I'm excited to try something new!!!

I've decided that the kiddos can earn a number (I typed up a 120s chart and cut out the numbers and put them in a bucket) for having perfect attendance, receiving compliments from me or in the hallway from other adults, having the whole class return their homework completed and on time with their name on it, and teacher's choice because I have no idea what else I'll want to reward them for. :D

I had to adjust it a bit on VistaPrint but I like how it turned out. If you'd like to get your freebie template (don't worry, I removed my name) click here. They are images and I have saved them in two formats. See what works best for you.

You'll get (click images to enlarge)
basic board

numbers to draw and the incentives I'm using for now

This will be my 8th year teaching and my 7th year in first grade. Every once in a while I like to change things up. I do this for the kiddos but also for myself. A few years ago I went from my "Card Flip" management system to a "Clip Chart" management system.

I like my clip chart system. It helps me praise good choices and address poor choices. I'm sure most of you know how it works so I won't even go through that. I have made two clip charts since I've started this system. I revamped it just because I wanted it to be pretty. Here's my clip chart:

One more thing I'm adding to my plate...the Homework Club. Do you have a Homework Club? Basically each child is in the Homework Club every day UNTIL they forget their homework or return an incomplete assignment. Then they move their number to the other chart. Good news is they'll get another chance when the new month starts. Kiddos that stay in the Homework Club the entire month will get to have lunch with me in the classroom. I might change up the incentives but this was something quick and easy (and free!) that they'd enjoy and I like it too.

I got the number from my local teacher store. They're actually cute calendar numbers. I think I may need to find smaller numbers though, lol. The pink and green 'boards' are pizza pans from Walmart that were less than $1. I spray painted them and added some ribbon and labels and voila. This is my first year to do this so I'll let you know how it goes!!

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Magen Cosman said...

I love your bingo board.... how many in a row do they get before they get a bingo...and do you clear the board everytime?

Miss Cosby said...

Thanks so much! For now I am going to have them get 5 in a row. I'll see how long this takes to happen. I don't want to drag it out too long but I don't want rewards/celebrations left and right. I will clear the board after every "BINGO" and we'll choose a new reward that we're aiming for and I'll mix all the numbers again.

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