Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Number Sense Throwback

Hey everyone! Tonight is my Open House where I get to meet my kiddos and their families. I will take tons of before/after pictures for you. :) I grew up in 'the city' and attended public schools in an urban environment. I had great teachers, friends, and opportunities. I teach in a rural setting though. In some ways it's such a different world to me. I will say that I really enjoy the community in which I teach. They're tight knit, involved (sometimes to a fault ;) ) and now that I've been teaching at my schools for a while I've had the chance to get to know some families very well and teach several siblings. To see a kid grow from first grade and graduate 5th is wonderful but to see a toddler at Open House, then teach them, then watch them progress through elementary school is something I never considered. Just wow.

Okay, random almost mushy moment over.

I've been back-to-school busy so I thought I'd share one of my most popular beginning of the year freebies with you. It's all about Number Sense. Something every first grader needs to improve upon. I didn't make this last year until a few weeks into the year so I'm excited to start this on Day 1 this year!!

Something that we work on in first grade is number sense. We need to know what numbers are, how to build numbers, how to break apart numbers, how to spell numbers, different representations of numbers, and well...the whole shabang.

Here's a Pinterest inspired freebie that I made up to use with my firsties. Check out how we practice some of these skills daily:

click here to download your freebie

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