Sunday, August 3, 2014

Time to empty that wish list!

I'm TOTALLY participating in the Back to School TpT sale. It's timing is perfect because the sale on TpT is August 4th-5th. Well, those are our two teacher work days and my wish list is full. They should really put a max on that thing...but then I'd be sad. 

So I'll be shopping, printing, and laminating preparing for my new batch of firsties. Right now I'm hovering around 22/23 kiddos but that always fluctuates.

Here are some of my best BTS sellers:

All Things Chevron
You can still get these items individually but I've decided to bundle them ALL. Buy in 'bulk' and save. (I totally just got a Sam's Club membership--can you tell?!)

Get the bundle

What will you get specifically? (or click links to check out individual products)
12 Months of Birthday Chevron & numbers to hold
 click here to get this individually

all printed, laminated, and cut out

It'll look better on my white wall at school but here's my birthday board!
Visual Birthday display. :D The blanks are because I don't
have any kiddo birthdays in those months.
When I print their pictures next year I think I'm going to hang up a fun background. My navy blue door doesn't pop! (it was the only kinda solid colored thing that was at their level, lol)
Teacher Binder Starter Kit (with editable pages)
click here to get this individually 

Editable labels for book baskets, supplies, binders, carts, doors (4 color set)

Premade and Editable book basket cards (or blanks to use as you please)

Premade numbers and book basket labels (non-editable)
Click here to get the book basket label bundle

classroom supply labels with supply graphics in 6
colors click here to get these individually

Oh and don't forget the freebies that would match
click here

click here to get them

My math journals bundle (basically buy 3 get 1 free) (based on Math In Focus Singapore Math)

Management Goodness

Here are some choices that I'll have when it's time to print and laminate and put this bad boy together!
click here

click here

click here

click here

No, I don't have a Pirate room but one of my work-besties does so I revamped what I made her. 
You can find them all here in a bundle with my Classroom Management Resources.  Where you'll see different types of Management Resources. If you've already purchased this item then please go and re-download to get the updates.
Original blog post here
If you know the clip chart is for you and you don't want to see other Management Resources click here to get only the clip chart images.

Do you DIBEL? Want to see some Nonsense Word ideas?
click here to see what's included
<click here>
Happy Shopping!
wanna check out my whole store?

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Ashley Dudeck said...

I can't wait for the sale tomorrow!!!
So many cute and colorful things that just match my color scheme!

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