Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday

 Out of boredom and actual interest I wanted to practice Spanish again. I took it for quite a few years in school and some in college. I miss speaking it. I was by no means fluent but I could communicate but I never get the opportunity to anymore. Also, my grammar is now awful!

There's an app called Duolingo that is free and you can practice several languages. You choose a language and take a placement test and can go through levels. It's not super gamey in that it's not necessarily directed at the kiddos with cartoons and games. I do think that you could have kids do this though. I thought about loading it to an iPad in the fall and maybe letting it be an enrichment activity.

This was one of the sentences I had to translate. When will I need to say this?! lol
I have a homework club in my room. I needed new number pieces for it...and I like going to Michael's. 
clear glass mosaic pieces, acrylic paint, magnets
I wrote the numbers of my kiddos on the mosaic pieces (backwards--eek!), painted them, then glued magnets
This is my current board (below) and I really like it but my numbers don't all fit and one of them got lost last year. Unfortunately the recycle bin was located right below. Oops.
current board 

Ummm...a bit too early for fall there buddy!!! (@Walgreens) #TooSoon

I live in Indiana and for the first time ever I went downtown for fireworks. I've been recreationally taking pictures and was jazzed to get to do some firework shots. They are NOT as easy as anticipated. Here is my favorite picture. 

I am slowly working on some new things for the upcoming year. I genuinely think I'm in denial for Back to School. Denial or's quickly approaching. I'm switching up my classroom management system and I'm going to give Class Dojo a try! Do you Dojo? I'm working on incentive rewards. How many points do your kiddos usually earn? I don't want to make the levels too hard reach but I don't want to be giving out prizes left and right like crazy. 

Here are some recording sheets I'm working on

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colleen said...

I used class dojo for the first time this year, I liked it and parents loved it! I let the kids spend their points at a "class store" once every two weeks on the typical stuff - pencils, treasure box, reward coupons. Generally I would have kids between 0 and 50 points for the two weeks. Fourth quarter it got a little stale so I

colleen said...

Added Friday computer time as an extra reward for the kids with the top 5 points each week. I love your homework club idea btw!

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