Thursday, July 30, 2015

T-T-Teach Me How to Dojo

Okay, I'll say it...sometimes my blog titles make me giggle. I'm not sure any of you get a chuckle but I do. That one is a play on Teach Me How to Dougie...oh....the giggles.

Back to business ::puts on teacher face::

I go back to school in 8 days. Well officially back because I've been going in periodically anyway. But I'm back "on the clock" next Tuesday morning with meetings and what not.

This year my co-teacher and I want to do a new behavior management plan. The things I look for in a good behavior plan are

  • Consistency
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of understanding (for kiddos and parents)
  • Clearly defined
  • Works for me-works for that particular class
  • Practical
  • Inexpensive!
  • Unobtrusive (doesn't take away from classroom decor, teaching, learning, space, instructional time)
When I first started teaching I used good 'ol card flips. It's what my mentor teacher used during student teaching, it's what I saw work (very well). It was easy. I used it for a few years then I was itching for something new. I was introduced to the clip chart. I love it. I created several versions, it was super cute, had room for positives and negatives and gave an overall view of the day. I read many blogs about it and I found some articles. 

Well, I'm still happy with the clip chart. I like that the kindergarten teachers used it so they are already acclimated to it and adjust quickly to my personal variations. HOWEVER, I've been using it for a few years and I WANT A CHANGE. lol Sometimes you change adapt for the kiddos and sometimes you have to make it fresh for yourself. I mean you're the one stuck in {first grade} every year.

Last summer I was introduced to Class Dojo. It's an online behavior management system. You assign each kid an avatar. Then the kids can earn or lose points based onto choices that they make throughout the day. The neat thing is that you get to customize the categories to meet the needs of your specific group of kids and you get to set their point value. 

So if sharing happens to be a big problem in your room you can make it worth more points and that will help to encourage the kiddos to share. I'm still working on my categories and point values. I'm struggling with the part of knowing about how many points I expect them to earn daily so I've had to accept that I'l need to use it for a few weeks and tweak it. 

I've created some things to help make this transition go smoothly for me. I'm going to write their names on varied avatars and when they move to a new reward level I'm going to move their avatar along the way. This will be a cute visual for me.
customize your point levels and rewards
use mine or use them to help give you some ideas

I've also created some recording sheets to send home to the parents. Starting off I am not going to invite the parents. I just don't want midday emails asking why Susie lost 1pt for a bathroom break. I'm going to have them color how many points they have. I am still thinking of consequences or what to do if they are in the negative. Ideas?
class dojo will produce reports for this data but I wanted an easy to use recording page
click here or the image to get it for FREE on TpT
Oh and one of my favorite things is that you can use this on a standard PC, cell phone, or tablet. This way I can take my phone or iPad into the hallway, cafeteria, field trips, etc and effectively reinforce behavior. I can also give a code to specials teachers if they would like to use it when they have my kiddos. :D 

different point levels for their avatars to go through
write kiddo names on the blanks

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