Saturday, September 12, 2020

I made my Math Journals 2020 friendly!!!

 So, a few years ago I created 4 math journals based on Math in Focus, The Singapore Approach. I made these as extra practice to remediate and spiral review the math skills that were taught during math time. As I look back at these I see how far I've come in creating content, lol. However, they remain one of my #BestSellers. I am thankful that math is math and these are skills that need to be practiced no matter what year it is.

That being said I have converted them all to Seesaw Activities! Right now they are not in Google form, I may work on that later but we use Seesaw so I wanted to convert them to the platform I use. For the most part you'll find the EXACT math problems from the classic journals. 

Check them out. I've made preview videos for each journal set--I've just found it's easier to preview Seesaw assignments when you're seeing a product in Seesaw. 

                                                                SET 2     (Video Description)

                                                           SET 3 (Pt 1 & 2)     (Video Description)

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