Saturday, September 22, 2012

September's almost over?!

When did that happen? Where did the beginning of the year go? When did my summery bright decorations get replaced with apples and fall foliage colors?

Well, another busy week in 106 with me. I'm up to "Daily 3" lol. Not quite at the 5 but what I do have is going smoothly. My PowerPoint to transition stations is working well. I added animations and a background to my classroom ppt and the kiddos are really being independent when switching and I'm getting One-to-Small Group time with each kid nearly every day. I really love the small groups I've been able to pull but am struggling to get through the reading series materials now.

This week we started Mountain Language
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Mountain Language is a program that teaches and practices different language arts and phonics skills weekly. This is the 5th year I've used it and I really enjoy it. By introducing and practicing with some of these topics now it's so much easier when I get to them in a few months. (i.e. contractions, naming part, telling part) They also make a Mountain Math. Check it out.

 We started Centers (which follow Mountain Language)
I currently do Centers during our RTI time. My school is not a Title I school so we may do things differently than many of you. During this time students are pulled out and work in leveled groups. I'm left with the median kiddos mostly.

I have a pocket chart (to the left) that came with our reading series. It's purple which is a bit nicer than all those blue ones I have. I mainly like it because of the deep pockets.

As you can see I have 5 groups. They are color coded (because the containers for the activities are colored) The kids are in that color all week but may do or redo any activity they'd like within their group. I pull kids during this time as well.

I also have a group that does computer time. Right now they're doing Reading Eggs

Here are my magazine boxes filled with center activities. They do math and reading activities during this time but I have a separate set of Word Work choices for  D5 time. 

 Do your kids bring in tissue boxes? I love the ones with the plastic guard. I use these for my math and nonsense word fluency games They're great! (and free) I put the cards in there and the kiddos draw one out. This box is cute but some of the other boxes get a butcher paper/wrapping paper makeover.

Oh and those of you that have purchases my Spelling Packet I wanted to let you know that I updated it to include traceable pages to practice heading a spelling test.


Google Docs is now Google Drive so I'm not 100% sure about imbedding a document anymore but if you go to TpT and download the preview of this item you'll get this freebie. The whole packet is only $2. 


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Angie said...

hmm.. I might have to check out mountain language! We used mountain math for the past few years, but now, it doesn't really align to the CCSS's that we are teaching and only 10 out of 20 are useful... :( I enjoyed it for math, but am not sure what I'm going to do with it this year now... (I have downsized it, but now need to tackle creating a new recording sheet...)

Angie =)
Rulin' The Roost

Stephanie said...

Great idea with the tissue boxes! Especially now that there are so many fun/stylish ones being sold!!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Jessica said...

Thanks for the spelling test freebie!

Learn, Play & Have Fun

Miss Cosby said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Mountain Language is nice. Even if it's not completely aligned w/ CCS it's a good intro for the kiddos.

Tissue box designs have vastly improved! Now many of them come so cute I don't have to give a makeover.

You're welcome!

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