Saturday, November 3, 2012


Farley is a blogging Rock Star.  I swear every month I wait with anticipation, like the tooth fairy or Easter bunny are on their way, waiting for the Currently!

Listening--> Watching ANTM...okay...Kristin is very pretty....but only on the outside.

Loving-->Teaching about the election. In first grade you get to be one of the first people to expose them to so many things. They're pretty much a blank slate. Love it! I have a committee meeting ALL day on Monday so we talked about it a little bit on Friday but I have some fun stuff lined up for Tuesday!

Thinking-->Speaking of election, lol. I think I'm going to put on 'day pants' (I'm totally in comfy yoga pants right now) and go to my early vote location.

Wanting-->A laundry fairy....know one?

Needing-->There are just a few things I'm not happy with. So, I acknowledge I shouldn't complain about them, I should change them.

Music-->Last month was Kidz Bop Halloween. I am loving this linky because other than seasonal music I play classical music on Pandora during quiet time or writing time. I'd like to see what others use.

Also, please check out, pin, download the preview (with a sorting/venn diagram/anchor chart type freebie included) of my November reading and writing activities.

I used Picasa to create this scattered collage...kinda love it. Click to enlarge.

click here to read my original post about my November packet

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7 Replies:

Jana said...

I need a laundry fairy also...and a washing dishes fairy would be great also.

Thinking Out Loud

Rae said...

I'm so glad I found your blog on Farley's November Currently Linky! I am happy to be your newest follower :)

Suzanne said...

There's a laundry fairy? I totally need her in my house, and now! I early voted last week!

Krazy Town

Bren P. said...

I just commented on another blog about wanting cleaning fairies. They would come at night, clean silently, and in the morning...tada!
I was wondering how y'all made those cool pics with all the pages from a unit. Now I know! Thanks!

The Teacher Diaries

Rikki said...

I too would love a laundry fairy. It seems like the one chore I most detest and forget about the most. Your Thanksgiving unit looks too cute!
The Hive

Molly said...

I love teaching about the election as well! I teach 4th grade, so we are talking about about the electoral college! The kids are really enjoying it, and there are so many great resources to teach about it!

Lessons with Laughter

Jennifer said...

I need the laundry fairy TODAY! I don't mind the washing and folding, but I can't stand putting it away!
Rowdy in First Grade

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