Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Number Bonds of Love

Where did January go? In a matter of days I'll be awaiting Farley's Currently...that means it'll be February!!! Oh my word. Well, this month has kinda flown by and I totally spaced getting together my February/Valentine centers...so I cheated. Okay okay...I didn't cheat I stimulated the economy by purchasing centers from The Queen of the First Grade Jungle . I printed them today and laminated them  and I'll be sending them home with some kiddos who have darling parents that volunteer to help with cutting, gluing, laminating, and other horrible jobs only a saint would volunteer to do.

I think I'll like them :) Well, there was one more thing I wanted to add to them. My kiddos did a great job with numbers bonds in my Snowy Day Centers but I wanted more practice with numbers to 20. 

Here is what I came up with tonight and I wanted share the number bond love!

{Click here to get your freebie}

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Amanda said...

What a cute freebie! That is so awesome that you have parents who will do all that "fun" stuff for you ;) I should ask for volunteers next year for that! Thanks for that great idea!!

Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

Liz said...

Your comment "I stimulated the economy" had me cracking up!

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