Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marching into Math

I'm still adjusting to my Mac...and yes so far all of the Mac enthusiasts that commented have been right! I really really like it. I'm figuring our shortcuts and things are coming naturally to me.

This Friday marks March 1st and my firsties are showing such growth. I finished my middle of the year math and reading assessments and I saw such growth.

I am trying some new things this year (Daily 5...though I really only do Daily 3 or 4) and I'm doing more engaging centers. Not just buying them from a company that thinks they know where my kiddos should be.

Anywho. Based on what my kids enjoy doing during center time, what we've learned, where we're going, and what they need to work on I created these 8 March Math Centers. Presenting: "Marching into Math"

I'm now happy to present one of the first items I created using my Mac. (Hmm...I don't think I like calling it a Mac or Macbook...I think she needs a name...)

Check them out on TpT

You'll get 8 Math Centers geared toward first graders

1. Number Bonds
Students will write the missing part or missing whole of each equation. Students will have to use missing addend and missing whole properties.
(with recording sheet)

2. Number Patterns
Stack the ice cream scoops to complete a number pattern
(with follow-up worksheet)

3.Sorting true and false addition and subtraction number sentences
(with follow-up worksheet)

4. Concentration--Matching Game
Match the addition and subtraction problems to their answers
(May be played individually or with a partner)
(with number bond recording sheet)

5.Fact Families
Given three numbers the students need to generate the four members of a fact family

6. Money
Matching the coins to their total value
(with assessment worksheet)

7. 10s Frames
Count the total number of items in the tens frames and match them with their number representation

8. Roll and Cover
3 roll and cover pages that require 3 dice

Click here to check them out on TpT

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Just found you in blogland...not sure how I landed here but love your ideas. I am your newest follower :)
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