Friday, March 1, 2013

Five for Friday (Finally!)

I always read these and want to post but then realize I didn't take any cool pictures...or even's Saturday! lol

1. I love this kid. She definitely has 'voice'. She writes pretty much how she talks.

George Washington didn't have good teeth in fact he had wooden teeth!
2. One part of my classroom management plan is a marble jar. We get marbles for various things, we also lose them for various things. Once we've earned all of our marbles we have a marble party. My friend Stephanie gave me this idea. We had a 'gadget day'. Kids were allowed (with permission from parents) to bring in handheld devices. I knew there would be some kiddos without one so I went old school with mine!

3. We learned all about those mean 'ol pronouns this week. Several years ago I decided to make these guys to teach pronouns. I write some sentences on the board and we identify the naming words. I then tell them that pronouns are jealous that nouns get all the attention so they sneak into a sentence and kick the nouns back to noun town and they take their place. If they make sense in the sentence they get to stay. The loooooved kicking those nouns to noun town...we even did super cool cheesy sound effects.

Male, Female, and Gender neutral shoes
4. In math we were learning about graphing. I printed my teeth picture-graphing cards from my Tooth Fairy packet and made a quickie tally chart and graph. (So not the cutest graph...I had forgotten to measure out the butcher paper and the didn't have time....I loved the title though "Tell the Tooth")

We tallied and graphed how many kiddos had lost a tooth and then I did the follow up questions from my packet.

5. I work in a rural stuck going uphill behind this..... :/

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Tamra Sarah said...

Adorable journal entry from one of you kiddos!

:) Tamra and Sarah

Mrs Cupcake said...

Eeesh, the thought of being stuck behind that slow moving vehicle makes me groan!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Em Hutchison said...

I like your teeth! We did an activity on losing teeth this week as well. :) It went along with "The Tooth Book." I always get excited when I see people doing the same things in a week. Reminds me what a small world it is.

Happy weekend.
Curious Firsties

Randi Genesi said...

I love your mean ol' pronouns. So creative! Have a great weekend!


Julie Marciniak said...

Loved reading about your week! This was my first time joining the 5 for Friday and it is so nice to link up with so many new teachers!
Have a great weekend!
JulieMs. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

I can so relate to this post about the tractor but I have to keep my calm because it's usually a tractor from our farm! I've tried to tell my husband to keep his tractors in the barn until after 8. Ha I just added you to our blog roll, I thought I did that before. Thanks for having us on yours.


Karen Stamp said...

Love your little one's writing!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

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