Friday, March 8, 2013

1,2,3,4,5 everybody in the blog world c'mon let's jive

(That header is in my Mambo no. 5 voice..and edited, lol)

It's Friday again and you know what that means! #5ForFriday

Here's a snapshot of my week.

1. Dr. Seuss Projects
My co-teacher and I decided to do Dr. Seuss stuff this week. Each year I have the kiddos do a project about their favorite Dr. Seuss book and bring it in and share it with the class. I will say that Pinterest provided more edible projects this year than normal.
I think they turned out great!

2. The forecast for Monday night/Tuesday morning was supposed to produce snow...I was hoping for a 2hr such luck. Well, the forecast for Tuesday night/Wednesday morning said about the same thing but a little worse. Tuesday afternoon on my way home I got caught in the beginning of the flurries...we got the call that night that there was going to be a 2hr delay. #Score

Then the next morning around 7 I get a call that said two of my favorite words....#SnowDay
This is my car the day after our snow day...I didn't exactly want to go out and clean my car off on a snow day so this was my procrastination's more than it looks. 
3. Well, it was Dr. Seuss week and I found this great lesson/craftivity last year 
It's by Erica over at Erica Bohrer's First Grade. It's no longer available due to strict Seuss copyright laws.

I never really did much with this book but I really liked it and the discussion that came with it was great. 
4. ISTEP week
This week was ISTEP (one of our standardized tests for our state)
I don't have any ISTEP pictures...but here is the general feeling

5. What would Seuss week be without Green Eggs & Ham?!

I'll admit it looks totally gross. I buy the diced ham and I heat it in the pan while I'm cracking and scrambling eggs. Then, I pour the eggs over the ham and scramble. Voila! We made predictions about who would and wouldn't like it. This year only one kid said that they wouldn't like it. I was surprised...and the kid that said he didn't think he'd like them really did. :)

right after I poured in the 'green' eggs

midway through cooking


That's an overview of my week...well at least the interesting parts. Our school laminator is broken...and it died in the middle of laminating my March Math some were ruined and I have a few that survived. So, I may take them to the local teacher store to get finished....

I was so excited for these! :/
click to check it out on Tpt

March has been meh. Busy couple of weeks coming up. Here's a freebie from my packet. It's a "Roll and Cover".  Since it's mid year I've made it with numbers that require 3 dice. 
(In the packet there is this Roll and Cover and 2 others all with varied numbers 3-18) 

click to enlarge and then right-click to save
graphics from KPM Doodles

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Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Your Dr. Seuss projects look great! I am so surprised so many kids said they would like green eggs and ham. My kiddos usually wrinkle their noses at me:)Thanks for sharing your week.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Erica Bohrer said...

It is mine, but sorry I cannot sell it anymore. I don't want to risk getting sued by Dr. S.

Tamara Russell said...

SNOW!!!!!!! I miss that stuff! :/ Send us some down here to Florida! We would be out for a WEEK! I don't think our state would even know where to get a salt truck! LOL! :)
Your green eggs and ham activity looked like a total blast! :) What I wouldn't give to have seen their faces as you were putting this together for them! :) I'm so glad that they really got a kick out of it! :)
Thanks for sharing your week with us! It looks like you guys had a really good time! :) So glad I found you through the linky! :)


Mrs.Russell's Room
First Grade

Molly said...

I would love a snow day...except without the snow! Never that lucky in California! Hope you enjoyed the day off! Thanks for the Roll & Cover freebie. That'll be great for our Math Games Galore this week!

Lucky to Be in First

Heather S. said...

Hello! I am your newest follower. I found you on the Blog By State Linky. I am also a Teacher Blogger from Indiana! I am looking forward to reading your ideas and possibly even working together in the future.

Heather Salsman
Teaching Through Turbulence

Kim said...

Hi! I found you on Fifth in the Middle state linky! I am an Iowa blogger! Thank you for sharing your fun activities for Dr. Seuss!

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