Monday, March 11, 2013

Elf on the Shelf--St. Patty's Day Style

Each year on St. Patrick's Day (at least the last couple of years that I've been at my current school) a leprechaun comes into our room....either before school or during recess. Oddly it depends on how late Miss Cosby slept and how much prep she had to do during lunch. Weird how that works.


The leprechaun would play tricks or mess up our room. He has been known to tip a desk over, put chairs on desks, "turn" the toilet and sink water green, and all other kinds of mischievous things.

Well, this year St. Patrick's Day is on a Sunday..and I'm a little bummed. I decided to have our old friend visit us the whole week! I kinda dropped the ball today because this was only an idea I had...but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.

I'm thinking of calling it Leprechaun at Dawn or something like that....kinda like Elf on the Shelf. He comes, he's fun, he's full of antics. I'll see how it goes over this year and if it goes well I'll come up with more clever ideas. I might even invest in a little leprechaun long as it's not creepy looking.

Tomorrow he's going to leave this note introducing himself and the kiddos are going to find all of our green coloring tools missing!

This week he will also steal a chair, turn our water green, and put all the chairs in our rooms in a crazy place. On Friday...or Monday since it's the day after St. Patrick's Day I have a little scavenger hunt to find his gold. That poem is at school though so I can't share it now. Click the image above to download my little rhymes. 

Tell me if this is something you'll use or if you have a little rhyme of your own leave it below. I really do <3 comments and I try to reply to many of them as long as you're not a 'no-reply' commenter. 

Oh and I'm not putting this on TpT or Google drive. It's on my DropBox account. If you'd like to register for dropbox use my code so I can earn more space.

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Marianna Dunn said...

I love this idea! I too am scrambling for last minute St. Patty's day/Leprechaun ideas. Holidays like that on a weekend are tough.

Jessica Scott said...

We've been doing this in my preschool room. My kiddos had such a great time with Elf on a shelf that I've stretched the idea out. Yesterday we made hats for our leprechaun. The "legend" says that if kids are really good he might stop by to shrink them & leave a treat. I found this on TPT. it's so much fun! Thanks for your ideas!

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