Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently on my couch...I mean Currently March Edition

That time of the month folks! I love these things.

Listening--> I'm listening to the tv as I work on this post. Source Code is on....(soft spot for Jake Gyllenhaal over here!!!) Oh, and it's a good movie.

Loving--> I'm still going with my new computer...I finished up my March centers on it and I'm finding some shortcuts and getting used to the slightly different navigation. So much faster and prettier than my old laptop.

click to see what all comes in the packet

Thinking--> I just happened to look at the clock when I was thinking of that one and thought "Holy Moly! My weekend is half over!!"

Wanting--> A shopping spree...I mean who doesn't right? But really I'm so tired of my winter clothes and the less that vibrant colors. I either want to go buy a ton of 'fun' winter clothes or start stocking up on spring stuff!! I saw some super cute stuff at Target but couldn't justify buying new capris when it's only 36 degrees out. 
Okay, he's happy with winter sweaters...but I'm tired of it. 

Needing-->Motivation...I really should've said a personal assistant or a maid...because if I had those two things my lack of motivation would not be a factor. Please don't think my place is a pigsty, it's not. However, I would be a little less than comfortable if I had surprise visitors stop by. 

Like-->Bling! I'm not a super bling person but I found the cutest phone case (on clearance!!!!) at Target and it's all pink and glittery. I fell in love. 
It was so pretty...and like $8

Love-->'s awesome
I was struggling with this one but I should've said blogging!


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Karen Stamp said...

I have to agree... a shopping spree would be amazing, wouldn't it!? (And I wouldn't mind a personal assistant either!!)
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Sara said...

Ha! Bacon is pretty tasty :) I found you through Farley's March Currently. Happy to be your newest follower.
Polka Dot Kinders

Sarah Eager said...

LOL I'm also currently on my couch. When I should be doing other things!

The Eager Teacher
The Eager Weekend

Danielle said...

I love the phone case and the name for your blog. So cute!

Carolina Teacher

Carrie said...

I have the same phone case in purple! Love it! I have a Mac and couldn't agree more it is so easy to create with. Only think I had trouble with was combining PDFs that made me crazy for a few days but eventually figured it out!

Christy said...

I love your phone case. I have a new sparkly silver one for my Galaxy S3. I wish they had options like the iphone. It is a pretty limited market. I also needs motivation! Spring break seems sooooo far away :)

Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

Mrs. Griffith said...

Who wouldn't love a shopping spree! I would definitely stock up on cute spring things. Winter is pretty much over (at least that's the feeling here in Texas)!

For the Love of First Grade

Twenty Six Minutes for Lunch said...

I absolutely LOVE your new phone case! And great price! I also love my macbook. Could never go back to a pc after using it. It's so user-friendly! Enjoy yours! Thanks for checking out my blog and linking up on Farley's Currently. I'm your newest follower. :)

Twenty-Six Minutes for Lunch

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