Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Cryptic subject heading. I'm linking up with Flying into First Grade . It's kind of a getting to know you link up. I love getting to know about all the great bloggers that I follow and I love a good party...especially the linky kind. I don't have to dress up, or blowdry my hair, and I usually can complete them while I'm snuggled up on my couch.

Here it goes...use your initials to tell about yourself!

 is for...

Blogging! The blog world (even before I was a blogger) has changed my teaching life. I wasn't necessarily in a slump or burnt out but I think having this avenue has prevented that from happening. There are always so many great ideas and stories to share and read about. It also reminds me during those not so great teaching times that I'm not alone my experiences.

is for...

I love making other people laugh at something I've said. I'm a wee bit sarcastic at times (okay most of the time) and it comes from a good place. I think laughing makes people feel good and I like to get a group of my friends rolling in laughter. I have one friend that snorts sometimes and I know I've hit the funny jackpot when she does that, lol!

 is for...

Chihuahuas! I have two little guys. Tazz and Vanilla (Van for short). Tazz just turned 12! He's my feisty 'silverback' chihuahua and Vanilla is my 'big boy' who was all white when he was born. He's lively and also a bit of a scaredy cat. I can't even blow bubbles with my bubble gum anymore.

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Allison Burgess said...

I love blogging, too!! I love sharing great ideas that I find on different blogs with my team!

Love your dogs! They are cute!

Kate said...

I love blogging too! I also can be sarcastic at times, but in a good way! Your dogs are so cute
Fun in ECSE

Sandy Welch said...

Blogging has helped my teaching so much. The blogs are very inspiring. I will be back!

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