Monday, September 23, 2013

Unit 1 is done & bundled!

TpT was taking

I'm sorry I didn't post Gus Takes a Train yesterday...truthfully it wasn't done & and I some professional development today. Blech.

So I posted Journeys: Unit 1 Story 5 Gus Takes a Train today and then I decided to bundle ALL 5 of them and if you buy the bundle you save $.

So here's Gus
click here
Here is the bundle (I even included the binder pages you may have seen on Instagram. I am compiling all of my Journeys stuff and organizing it in binders, and now you can have those binder covers and tabs)
click here
ALSO since I didn't have it up yesterday I'm putting all of my Journeys stuff on sale (15%off) for the next 24hrs.

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